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Ilyas Qadri

Ilyas Qadri

Ilyas Attar Qadiri Razawi is the leader of the Sunni revival movement Dawat-e-Islami,[1] which he founded in 1981 in Pakistan. is often referred to as 'Hazrat Sahab' or 'Bappa Jaan'.He has thousands of mureeds (disciples) around the world.He has campaigned against sectarianism[2] and terrorism.[3] He was formerly leader of the youth section of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan.[4]

[edit]Early life

Ilyas Qadri was born in Karachi in the 1950. His father, Haji AbdurRahman(AlaihRahmat), migrated to Sindh province, Pakistan when many Muslims were facing trouble in India. They stayed for a little while in another city in Sindh and then moved to the main capital of Sindh, Karachi.

Authentic details of his early days are best found in the series by Maktabatul Madeena- "Tazkira e Ameere AhleSunnat" & 'Ibtidayi Halaat'.


Ilyas Qadri is founder of International Movement of Qura'an & Sunnat.It is a non-political, non-extremist peaceful Islamic movement.Presently Dawat-e-Islami is working in more than 70 countries having more than 35 departments. Main departments of Dawat-e-Islami are Madni Qafila & Madni Inama'at. With the work of Dawat-e-Islami lakhs of youngsters have started following the Sunnahs of Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him.

Dawat-e-Islami holds weekly ijtimas (religious gathering) in 1000's of cities worldwide on every Thursday evening.

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  1. Iilras qadri is the great mubaligh of Islam Allah may bless on ilyas qadri
    hum ko ay attar sunni aalimo sy pyar hy
    do jha ma insha Allah apna bera par hy

  2. Murshadi Attar Par
    Noor ki Barsat Ho

    Faizan-e-Attar, Jari Rahi Ga


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